A Compact & Affordable Mobility Solution

Strength and dependability define every Indy Stair Lifts model. Designs suit a wide range of conditions, from narrow staircases to accommodating many body types in a commercial building.

Indy Pinnacle

Older buildings and narrowly-designed row homes benefit from the Indy Pinnacle’s compact design, which sits just 11 inches from the wall when folded. This affordable system is the narrowest stair lifts on the market and supports up to 350 pounds. Not only is this the narrowest stair lift, this is the most efficient. This will travel 40 trips on battery backup, which is twice the capability of the typical stair lift.


Narrow & Efficient

Additionally, the Indy Pinnacle track does not require lubrication. No need for messy grease that can collect dust and pet hair.


Indy Curve

When your Texas home’s staircase has a unique format, with turns and landings, get a stair lift that matches with the Indy Curve. Nationwide Lifts constructs these models to your specifications.


Custom & Efficiency

Beyond the curved track that aligns with every contour and angle, the stair lift accommodates up to 350 pounds and a range of body types.


Indy XL

Nationwide Lifts offers the greatest carrying capacity with the Indy XL, a stair lift that supports up to 600 pounds.


Heavy-Duty & Supportive

It offers a 25-inch swivel seat and reinforced, heavy-duty design.