Keep Your Elevator Running Safely

A residential elevator is an investment that will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Why is preventative maintenance on your elevator important? A residential elevator is a mechanical piece of equipment, and just like your car, your elevator needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and safely for decades to come. Baxter Residential Elevators will discuss with you the service options and support on every elevator we sell. We offer both Limited Service Maintenance Agreements as well as Full Service coverage on all of our units. We provide service and repair on all makes and models of residential elevators, stairway lifts and vertical platform lifts.

Freedom Commercial LULA

A hydraulic commercial elevator with a 1,400-pound lifting capacity. This is a LULA (Limited Use, Limited Application) elevator, intended to add accessibility to public buildings such as churches and office buildings. The standard cab size is 48-inch by 54-inch. This elevator may travel up to 25 ft and four stops.


Technical Specs

Meet your building’s specific aesthetic or mobility needs with a custom or LULA elevator. Nationwide Lifts designs custom elevators to your specifications, from a unique style to effortlessly blending into the existing décor. Limited Use/Limited Application (LULA) elevators offer a hybrid design for a low-rise commercial building to meet ADA requirements. This elevator covering 18 square feet of floor space offers ample room for wheelchair accessibility between multiple floors.