Our traditional models operate with a traction drive or hydraulic system and have a 950lb lifting capacity. If you have a limited budget, consider the Freedom Green, an elevator with an energy efficient motor. For a more luxurious home elevator, the Freedom Elite offers fully automatic side sliding doors and endless cab upgrades.


The Pneumatic home elevator uses air pressure to raise and lower the cab. The elevator comes complete with a cylindrical hoistway and clear cab.


This crystal-clear acrylic paneled, octagonal shaped home elevator boosts a 42”x42” interior platform (large enough for a standard, manual wheelchair), can lift up to 840 lbs. and only requires a 4” pit. It’s winding drum system offers a smooth and quiet ride whiling adding elegant beauty to any style home.

Through the Floor

The space saving design of this elevator allows it to be easily added to any home. The elevator does not require a hoistway. The cab pops through the floor and into the room.


Envision a home elevator that blends seamlessly into your current home. A design specially made to your décor or a glass panoramic, uniquely shaped, one-of-a kind, home elevator to showcase your home. All of these concepts and more can be possible with Nationwide Lifts’ Artisan home elevators. Bring us your vision and we will turn it into a reality.